Thursday, September 4, 2008


Nobody knows the troubles I've seen formatting.

Blogger despises WORD. It blocks indents, swallows empty lines, and gives the editor a false preview of how a post will look when published. Except when it doesn’t. This incomprehensible inconsistency torments me. I’ve sought swords and potions from the best computers sorcerers to furrow their bushy eyebrows at this problem, but they have failed to forge the steel or mix the potion that can right Blogger’s wrongs. So have I.

"So why not try Google Docs or something else?"

I have. Same unreliable results.

The hard truth is, blogs were not meant to display literature. Someone with much HTML savvy could design a template for this (though no one yet has).

Thus I go forward with my best effort. And there is more to rejoice in here than complain about. But there are imperfections and they grate.

Slight modifications may yet be made: tell me if I spelled your name wrong or the link to your profile page breaks. However, given that changes to the text risk causing new and worse problems, I'll only try to fix things if a) you can tell me how, and b) it's something I haven't already tried several times.

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