Thursday, September 4, 2008

Concerning Creation. and Observation.

Poetry by Dana Harrison-Tidwell



Concerning Creation.

Cheap tricks,
your architecture:

her censored cleft,
his terse climax,

that small,







All gods are written
no more brave than afraid;
it is the immediate presence

that cares for nothing.

I have catalogued a thousand species

of absence, a hundred stray tenets,

and one unnamed truth

cowering in resistance

against loose misapplication.

The very lap of irony?

Blind animals, surrounded

by rotting fruit, graze

where the ripest apple falls

first, rigid with the thought

of a few hours grace.

Three, then, rip off

their own heads, as one

quietly buries the bodies.


AtheistExile said...

Nice use of symbolism. Careful rereading pays off.

Everett Marx said...

I love: that small / expensive / apple.
I picture an apple going slowly downstairs
"small" (bump)
"expensive (bump)
"apple" (thud--too bruised to move.)

Candace said...

I loved "that small, expensive apple," too. And the lined out "censored."