Thursday, September 4, 2008




Poetry by Kylyssa Shay



Rapture, kissing
Inhalations hissing
Jiggling, wiggling
Helplessly giggling

Bumping, grinding
Partially unwinding
Turning, churning
Silently yearning

Lewd lingering
Skillfully fingering
Nipping, stripping
Lustfully gripping

Bodies tingling
Playfully mingling
Squeezing, pleasing
Joyfully teasing

Tickling, licking
Vigorously dicking
Lusting, trusting
Ardently thrusting

Horny, soaking
Licentiously stroking
Bucking, sucking
Avidly fucking

Spent, content -


AtheistExile said...

Wow, that was very . . . visual.

Now, I'm off to see your profile pic. :-)

Nicely done.

Everett Marx said...

When I read this on your blog, I hoped that you would submit it to the IWBIHT contest. Thanks!

I love the rhythm of this.

Kylyssa Shay said...

Thanks you! It was all about rhythm for me, the words were secondary. It's been described as a "Seussian Sex Poem" by more than one reader.

Everett Marx said...

More Seussian Sex Poems, please....

I'm all about rhythm.

Candace said...

When I read this, I knew - hands down, this is the winner! I was having a hard time deciding which poem to vote for until this one came along. I love everything about it - the rhythm, the progression to the, um, climax, and just the overall excellence of the writing.