Thursday, September 4, 2008

5 Poems



Poetry by Vicky Martin



manifesto for a clean exit

turn off all phones
unplug computers
don't alert the masses
best sneak out at night
under cover of silence

the moon, should she witness your departure
with not betray
the tides are hers you see
and so the ebbs and flows

if in the wake of your remove
you leave a scent
the wind will waft it far

wipe down all surfaces
leave counters bare
don't forget to bar the door

it's best to leave them laughing
the crickets, should you interrupt their song
will not insist you stay



we are all amazing

blips trancing

extatic, somatic

+ -
pursuing eluding
embracing repelling

equilibrium the waveform

trick static with a hum
crash the crystal walls
to bring the castle down

atomized particles
into the

this long night

this long night stretches
past street lights,
past last calls,
past embraces,
past leaking places

this long night learned
the secrets of time travel
it reaches back before memory
before the ten thousand things

this long night is winning
it beckons with shiny things
it distracts with colorful things
flashing blue

this long night conjures things
best left in the glove compartment
or under lock and key.

is it winter in your hemisphere?
does the chill bite deep?
have you some place warm
to settle and keep?

i've wandered far
through your thrills and valleys
and i've found no place to rest

you've traded in your
nooks and crannies
for a dream of being the best

the lone wolf is a myth

his lament is witnessed by
shadowed sentinels who stand watch
over the one with his eye on the moon


In my dark night,
I heard you howling
to a gibbous moon

the sea berated me for
trading infinity for
that tricky shade of blue

I can wear you out
I can take you out
I can pull you out

I've swallowed the abyss

will you wear me out?
will you take me out?
will you pull me out ?

when will we get there?
we're almost there
we're already there


Everett Marx said...

I really like the line
the crickets, should you interrup their song / will not insist you stay.

Candace said...

I thought these were great. "Particles" I especially loved because I'm a science junkie and am blown away by the fact that we're all star dust.